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ICO/IEO submission procedure

In order for us to start an investigation you need to follow the following procedure. We need two things: a) information and b) investors (in order to make a strong case and a class lawsuit).

Next, before starting the submission process we do want to give you the warning that the legal process isn't free. We will contact one of our partner law firms after submission and have them return a quote for the first investigative step.

There are three possibilities for financing:

  1. The law firm works for a percentage (not all law firms do this).
  2. We will try to get financing through a financing company that is specialized in financing investigations.
  3. If those options don't work out we will have to do a community pool funding. We will be using a smart contract for this.


First of all you will need to create a group, f.e. in Telegram or Discord, in order for you to collect bystanders for your case. The more investors (by token/coin percentage) the group contains the bigger the chance will be on winning the case.

After the creation of the group please introduce yourself and the group on Telegram (handle: @cryptotribunal_admin_support).


Have all investors in your group join our platform (they even receive 10,000 LAW for doing so) and let them:

  1. Fill out their profile (Menu > My Profile > Edit Profile).
  2. Next they will need to join the consilium called CryptoTribunal (Contracts > Contract «CryptoTribunal Offer» Choose Wallet > method: Join).
  3. Have them create a ETH wallet (Wallets > Wallet (button) > Create Wallet > ETH). When CryptoTribunal manages to return the funds we will refund you by using this wallet.

Gather all the email addresses which were used by the investors in your group to join Ubikiri. This information is requested in the Google Doc in Step #3.


We created a template on Google Docs which you can find below.

Please make a copy of it (File > Make copy) and work on the document with other investors in your group. Once you and your co-investors are satisfied with the document please turn it into a PDF (File > Download > PDF) and send it to with as subject “Submission of [PROJECT]”;

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